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Lightspeed is a reliable and effective POS and Payments platform with a long track record of providing innovative solutions for a wide range of businesses. Lightspeed offers several different products, including Lightspeed retail POS. However, in this review, we will focus on the restaurant version.

Lightspeed stands out as one of the top POS systems in Australia. If your business operates in the hospitality industry and is looking for powerful, all-around POS software, Lightspeed is your best bet. The platform, which also caters to larger/multi-national businesses, has excellent features and functions that will help you run and manage your restaurant business better than the competition.

One of Lightspeed’s key advantages is its unparalleled customer support service, available 24/7. The Lightspeed platform also offers a range of features, including advanced insights that allow you to view business data and individual customer trends. This makes it easy to streamline your hospitality business, leading to increased efficiency and profitability. In addition, the Lightspeed software is highly adaptable and customisable and has extensive configuration options.

Features of Lightspeed Restaurant POS Software


Table Tab Functions

With the Lightspeed POS system, it is easy to integrate third-party applications like OpenTable, SevenRooms, Deputy and Xero, to name a few. Lightspeed’s ability to seamlessly integrate with other business tools allows you to run your business at full capacity.


Menu Management

Lightspeed POS allows you to manage and update your menu across all of your venues, from adding new products and variations to changing prices and removing out-of-stock items. It’s also easy to offer promotions and discounts on menu items.



Lightspeed makes managing your customer loyalty a breeze with options for rewards, incentives and gift cards. The platform also integrates with marketing tools to help create buzz about your business, encourage more people to visit your venue and turn repeat customers into loyal regulars.


Embedded Payments

Lightspeed Payments is built into Lightspeed POS and allows businesses to accept different payment methods from customers seamlessly. Customers can use cash, credit cards, or digital wallets on their smartphones to make a payment through Lightspeed Payments.


Inventory Management

Lightspeed Restaurant is equipped with sophisticated inventory management tools that help streamline your inventory processes so you never run out of stock. Plus, you can manage stock levels, orders and recipes all in one place.


Online Ordering

Lightspeed’s online ordering feature gives you new ways to capture orders and provides your customers added flexibility over how they order and pay, with no extra work for you or your staff. Guests can order and pay their bills online from their phones and all orders sync straight to your POS for production.


Advanced Insights

Lightspeed Restaurant has an Advanced Insights feature. You can use the reporting tools to study the popularity of certain dishes among your customers, understand staff strengths, and how your guests like to dine so that you can do more of what works.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS System Review: Is It The Best POS for your restaurant?

One of the things we like about the Lightspeed platform is its flexibility. It has a complete set of features that can be utilised by any hospitality venue, regardless of size and nature. If you’re looking for quality service and support alongside a suite of fully-fledged features and reasonably priced hardware, Lightspeed Restaurant is the best choice.

Who Needs Lightspeed POS System?

Lightspeed Restaurant POS system is ideal for SMBs and large businesses in the hospitality industry. It has all the standard features you can expect from a POS system, including the ability to take orders, process payments, manage stock, and pull reports all in one place.

Lightspeed’s main focus is providing flexible, modern and efficient solutions for restaurants. With Lightspeed POS, you can save precious hours in the day to day, giving you time back to focus on your vision and goals.

Another great thing about Lightspeed Restaurant POS is its API, which makes it easy to integrate with third-party applications like OpenTable and Xero Accounting.

Lightspeed has a simple POS interface, making it easy to navigate so staff can start taking orders and payments in minutes.

Advantages of Using Lightspeed Restaurant POS

Affordable: Lightspeed POS is known for its affordability, making it easy for hospitality business owners to afford without straining their budgets. Note, though, that while this software is affordable, you will need to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan to access all of its features. It’s also possible to purchase reasonably priced hardware directly from Lightspeed. 

Easy to Use: Lightspeed is known for its user-friendly POS interface, so you don’t have to worry about the steep learning curve that sometimes comes with adopting a new POS. If you are transitioning from cash registers, the move will be easy, as the platform has a simple and intuitive interface that users can easily understand.

Manage Inventory: With Lightspeed, you can seamlessly manage your inventory so you never run out of stock, and the platform makes it easy to manage multiple sites, including menus, floorplans, and pricing, with ease.

Access in Offline Mode: Lightspeed Restaurant allows you to access the software even offline, which can be helpful when your internet connection goes down. You can still complete orders and payments, which will sync once the system is back online.

Reporting Tools: Data is very important for any business, especially in the restaurant industry, where you must know your daily sales reports and customer preferences. The sophisticated reporting tools in Lightspeed’s POS system allow you to track everything from daily sales to popular menu items and monthly revenue.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS Plans & Pricing

Lightspeed Restaurant reviews show this as a popular restaurant management software because of its affordable price. There are three main pricing options:

Starter: This basic plan costs $79 AUD per month. It already includes many features, including embedded payments, loyalty, menu management and reporting tools. This plan is great for single sites that don’t require online ordering or inventory management

Essential: This plan is for established businesses that require a fully-fledged platform with inventory management and online ordering. It offers all the same features of the ”Starter” plan plus much more. The plus plan costs $179 AUD per month.

Premium: This plan has all the features of the Essential plan and so much more. It costs $359 AUD per month and is perfect for those who run large venues with multiple service areas, event spaces, and service types.

The good thing about Lightspeed POS is that you can choose which plan works for you, depending on your venue’s needs. If you only have one site, for example, you can opt for the Starter plan. The Essential plan is great if you want more flexibility and sophisticated features.

Our Verdict

If you are an established or large hospitality business looking for restaurant management software with a suite of advanced features, from payment processing to inventory management and reporting, we would recommend Lightspeed POS.

While Lightspeed’s POS platform is only available on iOS devices, the software is reliable, easy to use and can integrate with a wide range of business applications, such as Xero and OpenTable.

Lightspeed is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a dependable POS system for your growing hospitality business. The platform combines all the features of a server-based system with the affordability and flexibility of a cloud-based system, making it one of the best solutions in the market today.

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9.2 Excellent!


  • POS & Payments
  • Inventory management
  • Order anywhere
  • Advanced insights
  • Kitchen display system
  • + more


  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of features
  • Best real-time reporting
  • Access in offline mode
  • Third-party integrations


  • Only available on iOS